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The iTask Mission and Vision

To streamline the way people engage services in daily life and empower local service providers to uncover the true potential of their skills.

Our vision is to create opportunities for everyone by serving as a trusted gig economy platform in Southeast Asia. Through every Tasker and Requester, we believe in transforming the way people deal with local services, improving the community and enhancing the quality of life for millions of people.


70 k

Users on iTask


1.8 M

Worth of posted jobs


10 k

Of available Taskers

What our Taskers are saying:

iTask has helped me to earn extra income by connecting people who required my services.


Top-rated Tasker

The app is effective in helping the community to engage in jobs on a freelance and ad-hoc basis.


Top-rated Tasker

This app has helped me grow my business.. I never expected there would be so much enquiry for my service.


Top-rated Tasker

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