You can get paid for things you do daily – baking and shopping

To pass their time during Circuit Breaker, Singaporeans have been upgrading their skills. Why not use it as an opportunity to get paid for things you do daily?

iTask, a freelance service marketplace, lets you utilise your skills to get paid for things you do daily. It connects freelancers (Taskers) with businesses or clients (Requesters) who need your skills to complete the tasks on the platform.

Image credit: iTask

To get started, post a service on the application and describe it as clear as possible. Fill up other relevant information, post it and wait for offers to come in. Once you’ve found a Requester, communicate with them via iTask messaging platform. After you have completed the service, get the Requester to confirm that the service is completed through the app and leave a review.

To give you an idea of what you can offer, here is a list of skills that offer paid opportunities for doing the usual things you do in your daily life.

1) Bake and earn money

If you have been baking pastries while you are cooped at home and constantly get praises for them, you can get paid for it. Offer your baking services and make sweet treats or cakes for someone else’s special occasion such as a birthday or a baby’s first month celebration. Another way is by holding baking lessons for ambitious bakers.

2) Shop for others and get paid

Those who are experienced in buying items from sites like Taobao can use their skill to be an online purchaser on the platform. With your shopping experience and knowledge of the ordering process, you can help interested shoppers who do not read or speak Chinese language to purchase their desired items from the site.

3) Do language translation for clients

Are you a K-pop fan who knows the Korean language to sing your favourite korean songs or a Japanese anime fan who has mastered the language to watch anime without subtitles? If any of them checks off your list, you can consider offering translation services for businesses who require your skill to translate English to Korean, or vice versa. As businesses continue to need translators when dealing with international interaction, it would mean that any language that you’re skilled in would be beneficial.

4) Manage social media accounts while making money

Have you been experimenting with Instagram’s business profile or Facebook business pages and have an interest in social media analytics? On iTask, you can post your service to manage social media accounts from other businesses. This can involve uploading posts to target new audiences, posting Instagram stories and looking at the analytics to determine how to attract more audience for their accounts.

5) Earn income from teaching music

People may have turned to playing the piano or guitar during this period. By adopting your knowledge of reading music notes and sheet music, you can help aspiring musicians learn how to play these instruments.

At the end of the day, not only do you earn income from completing these tasks, but you may even make life-long friendships from them.

If you have some free time during this period, it’s time to get paid for it. Download iTask for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.