From latte art trainer to empath reading, the app has an interesting variety of odd services available.

Pouring the perfect latte art, getting a cosplayer to promote your event, using a mobile game boosting service to advance through the game, these are just some of the odd services you can find on iTask.

iTask, a freelance service marketplace application, groups users into two types of roles — Taskers and Requesters. Taskers are users who have the skills to complete tasks and Requesters are users who need help to get services done.

Available in Singapore and Malaysia, you can pick from a selection of service categories that best fits the service you want to post or tasks you need help with. They include: Cleaner, Delivery, Beautician, Planner, Repairman, Professional, Extra Hand and Promoter and Anything.

If nothing fits what you have in mind, you can opt for the Anything category and post about any service that matches your skills or tasks that you require help of. Some of the services that you can find on iTask are rather unusual and out of the ordinary. Here are six of the strangest tasks that you can find on the app.

Mobile game boosting service (SG) 

Facing difficulties to climb the ranks in mobile games? Find someone dedicated to help. Not exactly the oddest request, but we think it’s quite rare to pay to advance in a game. You can acquire a boosting service from experienced Taskers for games like Mobile Legends to rank up fast and increase your win rates.

Empath reading (SG) 

If you’re going through a difficult and emotional issue, get an Empath reading on iTask. Known as empaths with a keen sense of ability to read and understand people, these taskers will be a great help to get you out of the rut. They’ll provide readings which will help you to be in tune with your emotions and navigate your love, life or relationship.

Fitness companion (SG)

Stay fit and healthy with the help of our Taskers. From basketball to swimming to table tennis, it’s best to have someone spur you on. Pick from a selection of sports in which the Tasker will accompany you every step of the way as a form of motivation and encouragement. 

Latte Art Trainer (MY)

Not exactly odd, but it’s something novel. Coffee lovers who have always wanted to know how to make latte art can do so now. Taskers who know how to whip up a beautiful latte art will teach you how to make basic latte art patterns.

Cosplay mascot (MY)

Mascots aren’t that rare during events or for a campaign. Users who want to attract more people to their event can consider getting cosplay mascots from Taskers. Aimed at promoting an event or campaign, these dressed-up Taskers will entertain your event-goers at your event. 

Word Architect (MY)

When it comes to writing a hook for your headline or coming up with eye-catching captions, this Tasker does it all. Communicating the right message with clarity is important for your business and the Tasker can achieve it as they are able to articulate ideas well in the form of writing.

Have an interesting task that you need help with or a peculiar service that matches your skills? Join us as a Requester or Tasker on iTask. You can download the app for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.