Called iTask, this app will help you grow your freelance career and reel in extra income

Whether it’s to experiment with your skillset, earn extra income or enable fast growth opportunities in your working life, iTask is the application that can help you jumpstart your freelance career.

Formed in Dec 2018, iTask is a freelance service marketplace application that connects Taskers with Requesters for one-off jobs or project based work.

On iTask, users fall into either one of these roles – Taskers and Requesters. Freelancers would come under Taskers who have the skills to complete the tasks whereas Requesters are people who need help to get services done.

Image credit: iTask

The app, which is free of all service charges, removes all social barriers to make outsourcing any tasks easy, possible and in the highest quality.

“We’re trying to help people, especially millennials, to make time for everything else other than time-consuming chores. Also, people who are short on money (can) reel in additional income” says Marcus Cheah, founder of iTask.

To start your freelance journey on iTask, there are two ways you can utilise your skills on the application.

Image Credit: iTask

Post your service

  • Pick from a selection of service categories that best fits your service – Cleaner, Delivery, Beautician, Planner, Repairman, Professional, Extra Hand, Promoter or Anything.
  • Describe the service you’re offering, select photos that best identifies your service, set a fair price, fill in other relevant information and wait for Requesters to make an offer.

Accept tasks

  •  Browse through the available tasks that are posted by Requesters and make a reasonable offer. Then wait for Requesters to accept your offer.

One feature that makes iTask stand out from its counterparts is that you can post any service that matches your skills. On the application, you can find services ranging from Graphic Design, Photographer to Esports game coaching. Here is a compiled list of services to give you an idea of what to post.

To make communication between both parties accessible and easy, iTask has a built-in private messaging platform where you can answer questions or arrange appointments.

Upon completion of the tasks, you will be able to receive payment after the Requester has agreed to transfer it. Keep building your profile by providing good service consistently and you will be well on your way to find success in your freelance career.

At the end of the day, iTask hopes to enable more freelancers to gain more visibility and exposure. “What we really want is to continue improving our technology and marketing to bring people more task opportunities, thereby reeling in more income that will help improve their lives,” Cheah says.

Interested to join us as a Tasker and start earning extra income? You can download iTask for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.