Use the time to improve your skills to earn money with iTask 

With more Singaporeans and Malaysians increasingly having to stay home due to Covid-19, there lies the question of how to earn income.

The number is set to be higher with the new measure of a 14-day stay-home notice for all travellers returning to Singapore. In Malaysia, the lockdown has been extended to April 14.

While it can be entertaining to watch the dramas or books you’ve been holding off, it can also get dull if we are doing it continuously.

Instead, use this time to earn extra income and improve your skills with an online freelance service marketplace application called iTask.

Put your skills into play

Image credit: iTask

The app, created for anyone who wants to earn extra income, connects Taskers who are equipped with the skills to complete services and Requesters who need help with their tasks.

Containing a selection of service categories, iTask does not limit any skills that you may have. You can pick from categories such as Cleaner, Delivery, Beautician, Planner, Repairman, Professional, Extra Hand and Promoter and Anything.

With so many categories to choose from, here’s where you can put your photoshop, writing or language skills into play. By providing your services such as designing, writing or translating, you are able to reel in money while building up your portfolio.

Students can consider offering assignment help to other students.

If those are not what you have in mind, you can also offer services that you have experience in. These include buying products from Taobao, becoming a gaming companion in games like Mobile Legends and offering a listening ear. 

Alternatively, you can also take the time to upgrade your skills on the app. Learning photoshop software or acquiring basic coding skills — there are such services available to suit your needs. However, If you’re looking for a specific service, you can post it as a Requester and wait for offers.

Join us as a Tasker and start earning extra income now. Download iTask for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.