Our effective guide to acquiring clients on the platform

Utilizing your skills to increase sales as a freelancer is possible with iTask, an on-demand service marketplace platform.

The platform connects ‘Requester,’ clients who have everyday tasks they need help with ‘Taskers,’ freelancers who have the skill sets to complete those tasks.

While iTask serves as a platform to help Taskers find projects, posting a service alone may not be enough to garner sales. 

Are any of these scenarios familiar? You posted a service for the first time but didn’t get any responses or you’ve been on the app for a while but struggled to get more sales. If they are, this guide will be useful to help you start getting sales for your service.

Gather reviews to boost ranking

Just like how you check for reviews to get the best item online, reviews are often the first thing Requesters look for in your profile. 

Once you’ve completed the service, ask the Requesters to leave a review for you.  

Here’s how you can get reviews after completing a service:

  1. Go to iTask messaging platform.
  2. In the chat box, request the Requester to leave a review for your service.
  3. View review in your profile.

Request for reviews in the messaging platform.

iTask tip: We recommend asking for reviews the moment you’ve completed the task within the iTask messaging platform. 

Share your link

Another way is by sharing your review link with past clients. Upon posting your service, you will be given your own review link. The link will include a template which you can quickly copy and send it to your clients.

Here’s how you can share reviews after posting a service:

  1. Post a service.
  2. Click share.
  3. Paste the link in an email, social post or text.

Share your review link with past clients

After a review is left, you will be able to find it in your profile. By gathering positive reviews, your service listing will rank higher in the explore page. 

Always deal within iTask 

When it comes to chatting about the project details, ensure that you always deal within iTask. By doing so, it would be easier for the Requester to leave a review for a job well-done.

In addition, by keeping all communication within the app, your records of transactions will be kept and can be retrieved if there is a need to. 

If you were to deal outside iTask and deliver a great service then, it will go unnoticed as there won’t be any reviews left for it. 

More reviews, more business!

It is important for your business to acquire positive reviews so as to attain more services. Positive reviews also place your business in a trustworthy light, and provides a way for Requesters to have a voice.

They also help to build your reputation within iTask, and increase customer loyalty to your brand. 

Find work easily with SkillsFit

Another way to monetize your skill sets is through SkillsFit, a new feature that is designed to help you earn income by matching your skills. 

With this new feature, you can expect to see notifications when someone posts a task that is related to the skills you input in your iTask profile.

SkillsFit helps you to stay updated and save time with the latest tasks that could be of interest to you and increase the number of tasks you complete on the platform. That means, when you get notified, you’re giving yourself a chance to build your business and earn extra income by matching your skills.

To get started, open iTask app, update your skills in your profile and you’ll be able to use SkillsFit. SkillsFit will be free for all new and existing users for 30 days as a free trial experience.

If you’re ready to increase your sales for your service as a freelancer, it’s time to start now.