SkillsFit will instantly notify you of new tasks that are related to your skills. 

Looking for a job can be stressful and time consuming, especially when there are lesser jobs opportunities due to Covid-19. What if we say that there’s a way to increase online sales in a service marketplace?

Enter iTask SkillsFit, a new feature that is designed to help you earn income by matching your skills. iTask, a freelance service marketplace application, connects ‘Requesters,’ customers who need help with daily tasks, with ‘Taskers,’ service providers who have the skills to complete them.

With this new feature, you can expect to see notifications when someone posts a task that is related to the skills you input in your iTask profile.

Get matched, offer your service and earn money!

SkillsFit helps you to stay updated and save time with the latest tasks that could be of interest to you and increase the number of tasks you complete on the platform. That means, when you get notified, you’re giving yourself a chance to build your business and earn extra income by matching your skills.

For instance, if you were to input House cleaning as a skill under the Cleaning category, and a Requester posts a task called ‘Need house cleaning services’ and labels it with the same subcategory, you’ll get notified. 

Following that, you can link yourself up with the Requester by offering your service to the task.

How to access SkillsFit

To get started, open iTask app and update your skills in your profile.

You are able to select up to three skills from your profile and the subcategories of them. An example would be to input the Design subcategory under the Photography & Creatives category and Social Media Advertising under the Digital Marketing category. 

Earn income by matching skills - SkillsFit NotificationHow to enable SkillsFit feature

Experience it for yourself for free

SkillsFit is free for all new and existing users for 30 days as a free trial experience. 

The feature also gives you access to a list of recently posted tasks that match your skills so you can look at them at a glance. If any of the tasks piques your interest, you can click it and offer your service.

Under the [SkillsFit] section, gain access to a list of posted tasks that match your skills.

After 30 days, you can continue to enjoy the feature for just $0.99 a month. If you decide not to join but later chooses to do so, you may sign up for the feature in the [SkillsFit] section under the [Me] tab.

Don’t just hear it from us. Hear from our satisfied Taskers on their experience using SkillsFit: 

“Ever since I used SkillsFit, it has helped me to complete more services and save time spent on finding work. I would recommend this plan to anyone looking to earn money!”

Karen Ng (Tasker)

“SkillsFit has been a lifesaver! I got to find many more work through this plan!”

Benjamin Wong (Tasker)

Subscribe to SkillsFit and be well on your way to increase online sales in a service marketplace!

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