designed with you in mind, experience a range of new features with the new update

iTask has launched an updated app, with a range of new features to improve your user experience.

Our mission is to empower everyone to turn their skills into a profitable business — and we hope that the new update will help you to do just that. 

Here are the new features that you can expect:

Easier look at listings

Previously under the [Me] tab, your pending requests and tasks have a new home under the [Listings] navigation tab. 

Under my requests, you can find the tasks you have posted and the services you have requested. Whereas for my tasks, you can find the services you have posted and the tasks you have offered.

You can choose to expand/collapse the status of your pending services/tasks.

We have placed the status of your pending services/tasks together so you can look at them at a glance. To keep it clean and sleek, you can also expand/collapse the status. 

Find suitable service providers easily 

We have refined the main categories and added subcategories to help you find the most suitable service providers effectively. 

The current list of categories include: Delivery, Business, Cleaning, Manual Work, Professional, Care, Creatives, Education, Parties & Events, Planning, Lifestyle and Pets. 

Once the main category has been selected, you will be able to choose more than one subcategory within the same page. 

For example: David wants to post a service about his skill as a delivery worker. With the new changes, he can tap on delivery category then tap on other subcategory that fits his skill. This can include but not limited to: grocery delivery, courier delivery, food delivery and shopping delivery.

Pick from more than one subcategory when you post a service/task. 

The new addition of subcategories will help to streamline searches so users can search for the most suitable service/task quickly.

Advanced filtering

As our community grows, we understand you may have other factors to consider while posting a task/service. That is why we have introduced filtering for a range of new features.

Nearby locations

You gave feedback, we listened. Our customisable filtering mechanism allows you to filter by location in a city/region or within a certain radius. You can now search for tasks nearby that match your skill set by using filtering for location. 

Filter by location to find the most suitable task within your area.

Important note: To filter by location, you will need to enable your location settings for iTask app.  


To help you make an informed buying decision, you can filter by reviews on the platform.

Filter by reviews on the app.

iTask Rating & Ranking

Tasker Star Rating:

The rating is a score out of 5. The average star rating is based from all the reviews that a user has received from past tasks. 

 Tasker Ranking: 

Calculated as an average of all the reviews and stars that a tasker has received from past tasks. 

Rank Ave. Rating Review Marks
1 4.8 18 86.4
2 4.5 19 85.5
3 5.0 16 80.0
4 4.7 12 56.4

iTask rating & ranking table

According to the iTask rating & ranking table, how high your service will be in the service listing depends on the reviews and rating score you get from completing past tasks.

For example: Cassie, a graphic designer, has an average rating of 4.8 and received 18 reviews from completion of services. She received a total mark of 86.4 which puts her at rank no.1. 

This means that when users tap on the creative category, they are more than likely to see her graphic design service first.

Improved progress flow

With our new interface, you can be prepared for a better user experience! Get tasks done or earn extra income by providing a service more easily with our new and improved progress flow!


Simply post a task or service in the create tab, input the categories and subcategories, finalise your task or service details and you’re ready to go!

Sit back, Relax and Accept

 As a Requester

After posting your task, you can sit back, relax and wait for a Tasker to offer his or her services to your post. Upon selecting a Tasker of your choice, you can click the chat button to chat with your Tasker or click accept to accept the service.

Once you accept a Tasker, your task will automatically fall into the [In progress] tab. Once completed, both you and the Tasker can click complete and go ahead with the payment.

As a Tasker

After posting your service, you can sit back, relax and wait for a Requester to request for your service. Upon selecting a  Requester of your choice, you can click the chat button to chat with your Requester or click accept to accept the Requester.

Complete and pay

 Once you accept a Requester or Tasker, your post will automatically fall into the [In progress] tab. Once completed, both the Tasker and Requester can click complete and go ahead with the payment. In this version, when the Requester clicks complete and acknowledges the payment by card, the payment will be released to the Tasker within 5-7 days. If the task is paid in cash, the Requester will be prompted to confirm that the payment has been made and the Tasker will also receive a pop-up to acknowledge that he or she has been paid.


After confirming that payment has been made, you can leave a review. The other party will also be encouraged to leave a review for you. The more reviews you have, the higher the chance you will be engaged by Taskers or Requesters.


Experience if for yourself and download the update on Apple App Store and Google Play Store now!