We list below four services you can start offering now on our app.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many Singaporeans and Malaysians to be out of jobs.

Because of this, some of them have turned to utilising other skills to earn income. In Singapore, a Singaporean artist turned to doing Grab Food delivery and in Malaysia, an aircraft technician switched to doing door to door air-conditioner cleaning.

By offering other skills that they have in this unprecedented period, they are able to continue reeling income to support themselves independently or for their family.

You can do the same with our freelance service marketplace application called iTask. On iTask, the app connects freelancers (Taskers) who have the skills to help clients (Requesters) complete any tasks they may have. 

Image credit: iTask

To get started, users post the service they want to offer as a Tasker. After which, describe the service, set a clear price and fill in other relevant information. Then post it and wait for reasonable offers to come in. 

When you have accepted a Requester offer, you can move the conversation to iTask messaging platform. After completing the service, you may ask the Requester to confirm that it is completed and leave a review on the app. Payment can be received after the Requester has agreed to transfer it.

In case you don’t know where to start, here are some basic services you can start offering.

If you own a car:

You can do courier or deliver parcels for Singaporeans in need of this service. As grocery demands pick up during Circuit breaker, you can also consider joining as a Tasker onto iTask latest service, iTask Groceries. Created to meet grocery demands, the service directly sources its produce from wholesale markets. Customers can buy fresh produce and get them delivered to their doorstep.

If you own a computer:

With knowledge of Microsoft excel and word, you can offer your skills to do data entry. Someone who is meticulous and has a fast typing speed would be a good fit when it comes to doing ad hoc data entry. 

If you have created and managed your own website:

By having prior knowledge in managing your own website whether it’s for school or your portfolio, it can come in handy. If your passion lies in design and you know your way around website building platforms like WordPress, you can provide simple website design services on iTask. Another way is by going the teaching route where you can teach users how to build their own online website.

If you are good in academics and with children:

This would already make you a suitable fit as an online tutor. With tuition closures because of the Circuit Breaker, many parents would be looking for online tutors to help with their children’s school work. As such, you can start by putting your skills into good use.

If you are seeking a job because of the outbreak, why not consider offering other skill sets on iTask? Download iTask for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.