At iTask, we value your personal security and safety on the app. That’s why we came up with a three part approach to help you understand how we protect you, and how you can protect yourself from potential harm from users who are out there with malicious intentions.

Checking on our platform
iTask admin will be checking on the postings in the app to ensure that postings that are not allowed will be cancelled or deleted as soon as possible. Examples of postings that do not comply with our guidelines include advertisements, illegal or offensive tasks, spam content etc.

A safer and more secure transaction
With our improved version, we made payment much simpler for users. Users can rest assured that our payment system is secure and personal details will not be shared. Payment by card will only be made when the Requester clicks “Complete” and acknowledges the payment.

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Always deal within iTask
To protect your personal information, do not share personal details such as your IC number, address, phone number etc to anyone on the platform. Try as much as possible to keep conversations on iTask so that in the event of a dispute, iTask can track your chat history.

Choose users that are of quality
To ensure that you are working with a user of quality, you can choose Taskers or Requesters based on their verification badge, reviews and testimonials. This will help you gauge if the user is up to your expectations.

Report postings that are not allowed
To protect other users on the platform, you may also report postings that you think do not comply with our guidelines, or postings that make you feel uncomfortable or directed at. We will look into such reports and ensure that our platform is safe for all users.

Seek help from us
iTask is here to support you on every step of the way while you are on our platform. If you face any problem at any part of your task or service process, you may report the problem to us through the report function or contact us at our Facebook page or drop us an email at help@itask.com.sg.

Your trust in us is what keeps us going and we hope our three part approach can help you feel assured that iTask cares about your safety and security, and we are always here to provide support when you need us.