Peer-to-peer marketplace enables users to save time and outsource or run any tasks to make money on the go.

itask app malaysia
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iTask expanding to Malaysia

After a significant 384% growth in downloads over the past 6 months in Singapore, iTask is setting foot into its neighbouring country. The app, a free service marketplace platform, removes all social barriers to make outsourcing any tasks easy, high-quality, and possible. 

“With more than 15.75 million Malaysians in the labour force, half of them are transiting from one place to another most of the time. Everyone has the potential to make their time worthwhile and play a part in improving someone else’s life by completing tasks on their behalf and earning additional income in the process. Definitely a win-win situation.” 

Marcus Cheah, founder of iTask

The demand-driven service marketplace taps into users’ underutilized resources—time, skills, and experience—that allows proactive money-making opportunities.

How does the app works?

The app allows users to outsource tasks to skilled freelancers in Malaysia. Users first register as a member on the app with their mobile number or email address. 

itask app malaysia
Post as a Requester – get someone to help you with your tasks

A ‘Requester’ can post a task and the potential ‘Tasker’ bid for a chance to complete the job.

itask app malaysia
Post as a Tasker – help someone with their tasks

A ‘Tasker’ can also post a prearranged errand on the go—such as dabao (takeaway) or queue in line—with their desired price point.

Tasks can range from in-demand jobs like data entry and designing to menial tasks such as buying bubble tea or dropping off books at the library.

Currently, the app sees revenue growth of about 150% since its launch in late 2018.

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Since its launch, several features have been introduced to truly benefit users, including SkillsFit and review link invitation to help them get sales on iTask for their service.

Features of iTask include:

Image credit: iTask
  • Posting Services: A ‘Tasker’ can take the initiative to post a service within their expertise to maximize their income. Users who are interested in having the service done for them can request with a tap. 
  • Posting Tasks: A ‘Requester’ can post a job/task/chore that he or she requires help completing, and users (‘Tasker’) can bid on the task to claim the job. 
  • Chat through the app: All communications are made through the app.
  • Payment through the app: Receive payment or pay through the app safe and secure with third-party in-app payment system, Stripe. 
  • Rate and Review: Taskers can earn reviews when a job is completed or Requester can give reviews to a Tasker.

You can now save time by outsourcing tasks to others or start making money on the go.

Keen on checking out the app? You can download iTask for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.