Photo frames, coffee mugs, chocolate—what do they remind you of? You guessed it right if (annoying) Christmas gifts come to your mind. I mean, unless the recipient is a big lover of those crunchy chocolate balls wrapped in gold foil, can I just say that it lacks novelty AND sincerity? 

The Christmas season is usually a time of excess, think about those redundant gifts lying around at home or on your office desk. If you’re thinking of regifting, please don’t. We’ve had enough tales of woes from gifting, like the mom who shamelessly demands cash from the co-worker who gifted her with a present that was $20 lower than the spending limit, so you might want to do a part in putting an end to it. 

That’s not to say that you should throw a fit the next time your co-worker gives you something you’ll never use, but won’t it be nice to put some heartfelt thoughts into picking out a gift that the recipient will truly appreciate? 

The 5 Most Annoying Christmas Gifts To Receive
Tis’ the 5th mug on my desk

We’ll skip the usual ones that we’ve mentioned earlier—photo frames, coffee mugs, or chocolate. But here are the gifts that will totally make us cringe if we were lucky enough to ever unwrap them. 

The 5 most annoying Christmas gifts to receive

*This list does not apply in the situation when the recipient specifically asks for such a gift. 


Even if your recipient is a diligent reader, how sure are you that (1) they’ve never read it before (3) the topic is within their area of interest (3) they’ve heard about it but is absolutely uninterested? To be safe, refrain from giving a book.

And please, guys, NEVER EVER gift a religious book. 


You’d expect a big, cheesy smile on the face of the recipient when you hand them a soft, fluffy little furball.

The 5 Most Annoying Christmas Gifts To Receive

But in real life?

Additional monthly expenses? Check. High maintenance? Check. Annoying as ****? Check. Possible allergic reactions from family members? Check. 

Ah, yes. The perfect Christmas gift. (Sarcasm intended, sorry guys.)

No pets, alright. Got it. 

So that has you thinking: “If it’s something not moving, what about something that’s alive but doesn’t move?”

While nowhere near as bad as a sentient creature, we’d advise against it. Why? Because it’s not much different from a moving creature. They STILL have to put in the effort to take care of it. 

Household appliances

Imagine this: It’s Valentine’s Day and the husband and wife are sitting in a restaurant with the most romantic settings and lightings, and relishing dishes that’ll awe even the pickiest Michelin Star judge. 

Sounds perfect right? 

Now imagine: The husband hands a gigantic box that reads “Vacuum Cleaner” to the wife. 

What a romance killer! 

A lesson to all men: the one gift no woman, anywhere, wants to receive this Christmas.

The 5 Most Annoying Christmas Gifts To Receive
Wow, what a sexy Christmas gift! NOT.

If it’s not great for Valentine’s Day, what difference does it make for Christmas? Some wives may even think of it as essentially personal affronting. Well, it practically almost says: “It’s high time you clean the house/cook more/do more chores.” 

To be fair, home appliances aren’t that bad—as housewarming gifts. But on Christmas, your present should say how much you appreciate them and how much you adore them, as a human being.

Plus, if they’re never going to use it, they’re just going to be tormented by its disposal. 

Personal care products 

Similar to household appliances, giving personal care products (excluding makeup) is a silent statement. 

Razors: “You need to shave.”

Deodorant: “Smells like you can use a good deodorant.” 

Tweezers: “Get rid of that unibrow!”

Toothpaste: “…” 

The 5 Most Annoying Christmas Gifts To Receive
A big NO-NO as Christmas present

If your motive is to offend the receiver, congratulations! You did it! 

Those are some things you just don’t say to anyone, so why do it with a season’s gift that’s supposed to make someone happy? 

Plush toys

If the receiver is a collector, good for you. 

Otherwise, this is a huge no-no. 

It almost perfectly epitomized killing you softly—something that’s so soft and plush can end up being so malicious. It takes up space, notoriously collects dust, and frankly, quite useless. 

If any of your choices fit the mold of these crummy presents, there’s still time to turn things around. 

4 Christmas presents anyone will be happy to receive

Be Santa Claus, not Satan Claus.

We know it’s a chore looking for a gift for the incredible people in your life during this chaotic holiday season. 

That’s why this year, iTask is helping you alleviate the suffering so you won’t have to settle for another less-than-stellar gift! 

We gathered the 4 best versatile and practical gifts that are so spot-on that anyone will be impressed.

Passport holder

Handmade Passport Holder with Customized Nametag and Logo/Charm 

It’s the truth: Singaporeans love traveling. Giving an airplane ticket may be over the top, but thanks to you, his or her passport will no longer be dogeared. Plus, nothing spells love more than a customized handmade passport holder. 

White wine

Villa Loren Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, 2018

Think about it, have you ever heard of somebody not itching for a glass of wine whenever there’s a chance? Guilty as charged! This fruity delight is easy on the palate even for someone who’s not a wine-drinker—perfect for a quiet night in, or a conversation-starter for a dinner party.

Stainless steel tumbler

Rose Gold Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler with Magnetic Box

This gift is going to be an obsession that’s here to stay. It’s practical, soul-warming, yet chic enough to be used every day, and it does its job well (very well, actually). You can have it customized with the recipient’s name on it and the box that comes with it too! 


Salted Egg Roast Turkey by Fort Canning Hotel 

One way to make someone else’s Christmas even merrier? A ready-to-be-dug-in roasted salted egg turkey cooked up by one of the best kitchens in town delivered right to their doorstep. Imagine how much less work they’d have to do. We’d like to think that they’d be thanking you even till the next Christmas. 

How can you purchase these ready-made gifts?

Through the iTask app, that is! From now till 23rd December 2019, pick your gifts, and we’ll settle the rest! You can click here to order!

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Step 1: Choose your Christmas present 

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  • Option D: Salted Egg Roast Turkey by Fort Canning Hotel ($170)

Step 2: 

  1. Tell us what you’d like to include on your greeting card
  2. Include the receiver’s name and delivery address

iTask will help you:

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The 5 Most Annoying Christmas Gifts To Receive
The 5 Most Annoying Christmas Gifts To Receive

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