If you’re an avid online job-seeker, you’d know that an outstanding profile matters more than ever when you’re searching for jobs online.

Like any other ad-hoc job-hunting sites, you’d have to bid for jobs on iTask. And you want an edge over numerous competitors who are taking the leap to create a winning profile online. Don’t abuse your profile; making full use of it converts it into a catalyst for getting more jobs.

To gain a competitive edge among bidders, you need to give potential clients enough reasons to believe that you’re the best candidate. And there’s no other better way to self-promote than using your profile.

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A great profile makes job-seeking easier.

But to condense all of your capability in a short profile, it takes techniques and the right strategy. Like any other written content meant for readers, your profile has to be brief yet captivating. 

Whether you’re about to embark on your freelancing journey or has already started doing so, here are several ways to nail your online profile with these expert-approved tweaks.

How to create a good profile for more jobs

1. Choose a good profile picture

No matter how much you love that group shot of your closest friends from 2006, the app isn’t the right place to be seen rocking it. For a profile picture, upload a decent headshot that showcases yourself.

It absolutely pays to look engaged and put-together, and a photo of yourself smiling won’t hurt. And hopefully, the photo wouldn’t be too grainy. If your profile picture doesn’t meet the above requirements, you may want to whip out your phone and swiftly replace those. 

online jobs

2. Focus on your strength

This is clearly obvious. You have to let others know that you’re good in certain ways. We don’t have to know how nifty you’re at cleaning shoes, grooming your dog, or how organized your wardrobe is unless these are related to your expertise. Include your current and past employment, education, and the industry; that’ll help others know you better and elevate your credibility. And it’s best to include some relevant keywords throughout your profile. 

3. Make every word sell you

Refrain from loading technical jargon that’s only understandable in your industry. Keep the language as simple as approachable as possible. It’s important to create an opening summary that sells, especially one that’s specific and authentic. Avoid clichés and work hard to paint fresh word pictures that help readers understand your specialness. 

4. Don’t oversell versatility

Is it better to be a jack of all trades or master of one? That’s a question worth pondering. On iTask, you’ll come across reams of jobs across industries that you are more than capable to handle. But try not to overwhelm (and confuse) potential clients with a hodgepodge of skills. Even if you’re indeed a jack of all trades, pinpoint certain expertise and communicate that you still have other skills as a bonus.

5. Showcase real results

Your skills are your weapon. Other than fully loading your profile with professional know-how, we also adore proud exhibitions of past work. They’re straightforward, fast, and effortlessly persuasive. And the best way to display your abilities would be photos.

You can talk all you want, but without backing up your claims, no one believes them anyway. We also encourage requesting for a review every time you’ve completed an assignment or tasks. You’re more likely to be believed when you include comments on your work from customers.

6. Refrain from TMI (Too much information)

Unless your profile is meant for a friend-making app, we encourage keeping your information professional. Skip personal information, such as date of birth and marital status. Also, don’t put your home address, NRIC number, driver’s or professional license numbers, or family information in your profile.