How you can avoid long queues at supermarket plus measures to reduce Covid-19 risk

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many industries have been affected. While industries such as the airline and retail industry have been hit the hardest, other industries like the delivery sector have seen a surge in the demand for their services.

On iTask, there is an increase in delivery services on their online freelance service marketplace application. iTask is an online marketplace where freelancers (Taskers) offer their services to clients (Requesters) who need help to get things done.

In order to meet the demand of buying and delivering groceries in Malaysia when the country is on lockdown, iTask has a service called RM10 Groceries Buy + Delivery which is created to fulfil your grocery needs. Likewise in Singapore, the impact of panic buying has led to an increase in delivery related services on iTask. 

To avoid long snaking queues at supermarkets, users can post their request onto the app and wait for offers to come in. After which, they can communicate with the Tasker on their grocery shopping list and wait for Taskers to deliver them to their homes.

As delivery workers are constantly in contact with people, here are some measures for Requesters and Taskers to take to reduce coronavirus risk.

Go cashless

iTask recommends users to go cashless to reduce cash-handling. Singaporeans can make payments by debit and credit card or via PayNow. Malaysians can choose to do bank transfer or opt to sign up for DuitNow. The service works similarly as PayNow and requires either your mobile number or IC to make the payment.

Request for contactless delivery 

Requester arranging with Tasker to do contactless delivery.
Image credit: iTask

After payment has been made, Requesters are advised to arrange with Taskers to do contactless delivery. For deliveries that have to do with groceries, the Requesters can request to have their groceries left at the doorstep. They can do this via chat through the iTask messaging feature.

To ensure delivery has been made, Taskers should request for Requesters to confirm their service via iTask.

Practice good hygiene

During the delivery process, Taskers can practice good hygiene. For instance, they can wear a mask and wash their hands with soap after delivery. In the event where Taskers were to show any forms of respiratory symptoms or are feeling unwell, they should not work. 

By following these measures, it will mitigate the coronavirus risk and create a peace of mind among the Requesters.

Get groceries bought and delivered to your doorstep when you join us a Requester on iTask. You can download iTask for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.